Don't miss out because you're 'gluten-free'


Skye Blue Kitchens began around October 2015 from my home kitchen. However, an awareness of Coeliac Disease  began some 40 years ago in Scotland when my father was diagnosed with the disease.

I remember those early days when he was first diagnosed and it being a very  anxious time for him. Of course, he was thinking what can I eat? What's safe to eat? And not to mention all those lovely home baked treats my Mum used to bake. Looking back on those days the best that was available was a very tasteless bread and some plain chalk-like biscuits which were only available on prescription.

Of course life is no less daunting today when first diagnosed but there is more awareness about the disease along with a much greater choice of gluten free products etc in supermarkets and speciality shops.

Then around 2014 my youngest son was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I wanted to make the transition to a 'gluten free way of life' as easy as possible for him. I believed that with the wider range of flours now available , it would be possible to prepare cakes, cookies and so much more that would not only taste  like 'normal baking' but would be easy to make. I didn't want him  to miss out out like Dad had done.

So after lots of experimenting and the support of family, friends and colleagues as taste testers, Skye Blue Kitchens was born. 

I hope you will  enjoy the website, using the recipes and enjoying  the final results.  Feedback is important to us so we look forward to hearing from you.  




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