Don't miss out because you're 'gluten-free'

I started up Skye Blue Kitchens in October 2015 in my home kitchen, however the story really began 40 years ago in Scotland when my father was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.
He had always loved Mum's home-baking, so it hit him hard that he was no longer able to enjoy it. Back then bread and only one variety of biscuit was available on prescription from the chemist.
When my youngest son was diagnosed with Coeliac, I wanted to create some great tasting baking for him so he wouldn't miss out as my Dad had done.
I believed that with a wider range of flours, it must be possible to prepare cakes and cookies that would not only taste just like 'normal baking' but would be easy to make.
Family, friends and colleagues sampled my creations and gave great feedback. With their encouragement and support I started up Skye Blue Kitchens.
We'd love to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy the recipes that I've created for you.

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